nice letter from Daddy.

Dick off early – took my letter to Luese to the airport + tried to pick up some freight – office not open til 7 am. Jack here + they both left again about 7. I wrote some thank you notes for the childrens’ Service Guild for Alice. Also wrote a note for Dick to Mr. Di Martini. (Later turned out he didn’t need it as the Di Martini’s were very pleasant) I went to the Safeway for groceries + then to the Valley Bank. Made a deposit for the Company and cashed a household check for $100. Dick told me to play our Keno ticket as he thought we might hit it. Came back + picked up Ana + Jeffrey + went to get Joyce. We gave her a baggie filled with nickels as a going away present. We left Ana at the Boulevard to shop for a Father’s day gift for Armando + then we went to the landmark. Stayed until 3 o’clock. I never won on the keno ticket but I left with $107.00 thanks to slot machines and 21. Joyce left ahead about $20. We picked Ana up 2 hrs. late but I think she just enjoyed being out. Took Joyce home. Was exhausted. Dick home at 5 – We went to dinner at the Jungle club + then to the Parkway theatre to see “Ryan’s Daughter” not open so we went next door to the market + played a slot machine. Won $35 + left. Loved the movie. very touching + gorgeous scenery with beautiful performances Late late late