early AM called Jerry Mandel at the bank + told him my acct was an investment management acct Called Animal Shelter + gave details of small puppy. Later called “Pooch Patrol.” Went at 9 o’clock to Zenoff Hall and helped with Clara and Helen Willis. Clara a soft spoken bigot. I was surprised to find out but then alot of the kids at Zenoff are noisy little bigots so I guess it evens out. I did learn some more about stitchery – so that was nice + I had a good time. Left at 11 and went to Lucille’s for a swim. Ruth Slavin there with her granddaughter. I had a good time there Went + picked up groceries + came home. Ana + I went over to see Joyce. Had coffee + pleasant visit + left with her sewing machine. Invited her to lunch tomorrow. Timmy called – leaves tomorrow. (I’d thought it was Friday) He’s all up in the air Nice + funny letter from Scotty. Leon all excited about the trip. After dreading it for 3 weeks, we do not go to court tomorrow. It’s been postponed a week or ten days. nice quiet evening. Dick has been just great lately. I wrote Luese Bed late as we got hooked on a movie