Up early. Went to Juvenile complex at 9 o’clock to find Clara Springer + introduce her to Lucy Foley. She was working in detention so I guess I never did get through to her But introduced her to 5 or 6 people before leaving Went to the Showboat + lost some money Went to Valley Bank + paid off our loan. What a relief. Jack not there but I paid off through Susan Dykema (who seemed genuinely delighted. which was very touching.) Went to W.O.W. + lost some in the Slots. My lucky streak is obviously finished. Went to bank of Nevada and deposited $150 + bought a $400 check for Leuse (also put 300 in our household acct.) Got groceries + came home. Called Joyce but couldn’t get her. When Armando (home – no work) opened the door earlier – in came Humbug, Newman and a tiny black dachshund puppy the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Called Shirley to see if she was interested + then took it down to see her. Poor thing a little panicked. She was unsure + I brought it home via Alice Turner’s (the outing a big success.) Later Dick + I discovered the puppy was male. We’d all thought it was female. Dick has fallen in love with it but we just can’t keep it However we can long enough to find a good home for him. Ana + Armando out after dinner. Jeffrey a little colicky.

The business has gotten a dealership with Nevada Nat’l Bank that looks like a fabulous deal