Up early. Decided to go to work on the pool. Washed sheets + mat. Dick called Jack + then he + I went to the Safeway for breakfast material, wine + vodka. J + J over about 9:30. Put up the frame for the pool + then had breakfast. Next came the vinyl liner complete with drinks. It’s lucky we’re putting up the first pool here as it’s one hell of a job and I don’t think this one was done any too well really despite the effort. Mike + Debbie came over + later Carl Lagerquist. Dick fixed chicken livers + Jimmy Judge showed up just in time. Dick went for more ice + some wine + grapefruit juice and Carl started giving Joyce a hard time + Jack joined in. Joyce went out + flopped in the pool. There’s some trouble cooking between Jack + Joyce but I felt Carl was way out of line. Jack very drunk. Armando came home at 7:30 this morning (very drunk) – later left + spent the day with Paco so Ana + Nelda were wandering around in + out of all the forgoing drama. Dick + I went to bed about 8 o’clock – My Escrow check arrived this morning. Thank God!! We called Jimmy this AM to wish him a Happy Birthday –