In the AM called Helen Willis + Clara Springer + Alice Turner + Lucy Foley to arrange for Clara to go to Angel’s Peak Monday. She’s really extremely deaf + our phone conversation was pretty strange. But I think I got through. I went to the Tropicana with Dick’s blessing and $40 – lost it and cashed a check for $50.00 Couldn’t win. Finally before leaving 3:50 I hit a jackpot for $125.00 + got out of there fast and ahead about $35.00 Went to Safeway for groceries + came home. Dick had been working hard all day. He put up the frame for [crossed out word] our pool. Alice Turner, her cousin Ida Burthkin, Betsey McTighe and little Laurie all came over on their way to Annabel’s. Laurie played the slot machine + won $1.00. She left with 70¢. I gave Alice [crossed out word] my blue + white evening skirt + stole + black – belt for use on her trip. Before they left Jim Daniels came over. He stayed for dinner but left right after – He had an ulcer cut out + has a diabetic condition but seems now to be on the mend. Mary called. Didn’t remember having called the other night + asked if she gave me a lot of garbage. I assured her she didn’t – that it was a nice simple tight call. We went to bed early.