Dick was off very early today. He’s been drinking very little lately + has made up his mind that we’re going to make money in this business. His attitude in the last 3 days has been great. I was a horse’s ass today. I wanted to make some money too and I plunged at the International + lost $300.00 over a period of 5 hours. Went to the Landmark with $25 + left with $25. (+ that took 3 hours.) In the back of my mind I thought I could win back the $60 – Forget it. Picked up some groceries + greeting cards + was home by about 5:20. Dick had been pouring out jugs of muriatic acid + I brought him some rubber gloves. I had a notice from Great Western Savings about my 2 unmade payments – threatening to Foreclose + talking about my “good credit.” Both payments were to have been made out of Escrow. I got very upset + called Andelson’s office + Arlen told me not to worry. (Hell) Also got a bill for $196 from American Express. Was a little tearful + Dick very comforting (Also of course I was feeling guilty as hell for throwing away $360 in the last two days) Alice + Betsey came + picked up the VW today. I’ve started knitting a blanket for Mom Cassie + George for Christmas. We had a quiet evening watching TV, knitting etc. Our note was due today but we had no money to pay it.