Early up. Dick off to Henderson. I called Newcomb again + finally got him at home. The movers were there + he was extremely choked up – said he’d call later + let me know his [crossed out word] apt. address + phone. I told him our house is his house. Went to breakfast at the Blvd Gave Eddie Hall his birthday card + small gift. Sat with Alice + Betsey McTigh (sp?) cousin of Lucille’s who’s here getting a divorce. Told her she could have the VW rather than renting a car. She got the prize for coming from the furthest away. (Guam!) Said she was dancing at Turner’s Tavern when questioned on the air. Stopped by Portraits by Homer + cancelled the order on Daddy’s photo because we’ve got one coming from Bachrach + faults showed up in the negative they made. I went to the showboat + played 21 + left with $1 profit. Went to Juvenile complex + met up with Annabel. Inman came by. I typed a questionnaire form most of the afternoon. Stopped at Wonder World on the way home + lost $60 in the slot machine. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Called Dr. Richman this AM to check on our bill + it’s all in order. All we owe is a hundred. Spoke to Bill Fain about Betty Isom + called her. Have decided to put off the rapid-rite course a little while. Newcomb called about 6 – He’s going to come see us on Thursday the 24th. We were both tired + went to bed early (Dick working like a beaver these past few days) Mary called at 9:30 – a little tight but I think that was all.