Slept a little late. Paco over at 8 o’clock + started hauling away the incinerator. Dick up at 9. Helped him – Load of sand delivered at ten. Dick used the transit to shoot the grades + Paco’s work was cut out for him. Dick had a dental appt. at 11:30. Carl Lagerquist dropped by + will attend to a few small details tomorrow. I paid the Pecos mortgage + property taxes here + on Bonita – also the exterminator. Wrote longish letter to Daddy. Scotty called. I took the letters over to the Keno Lane Post office and then went to the Castaways and played 21. I won about $50.00. I seem to be on a sort of streak which I’m trying to take advantage of sensibly. I’ve been betting with dollars to begin with + only going up when I’m winning – and stopping when I’m reasonably ahead – Went + got groceries + some yarn and some wine + came home. Dick had a good dental appt. has a temporary cap + an appt. in 2 weeks. Sad, sad letter from Newcomb He + Anne have not reconciled and are calling it quits. He asked if he could come to see us if things got too heavy. I tried to call him through his business number but couldn’t get him. I feel so damn badly for him. With new baby + new house + a life in Tulsa Oklahoma and all the time + energy invested. I don’t know what Anne wants + wonder if she does. When Newcomb comes we’ll introduce him to Shirley – Betty Isom called – interested in Service Guild. Cute note from Mary – returning my bra! Moderate bill from Dr. Richman