A little hard to get up. Took wool down to Juvenile. Shirley called as I was leaving about taxes. Got to Zinoff Hall at 9. Helen Willis + Clara Springer already there. Samples of Clara’s stitchery really gorgeous. She’s a quiet pleasant lady who related very well to the children. We had about 8 boys + 4 girls. I liked the morning alot Went over to Linda’s to give her the wool + told her to run over to Zinoff hall + get some ideas as she’s doing the stitchery bit in Child Haven. Went to the offices + signed the income tax papers. Shirley has them all finished. Dick insisted we all got out to lunch together. He’d been drinking and I wasn’t too happy about it. Pat, Shirley, Dick + I. He had 2 margeritas + the rest of us abstained I went to the showboat afterwards for awhile + played 21. Won $13 + left. Went to vote in favor of lowering the voting age. Was home by 4:45. Dick in a few minutes before me. He napped while I wrote Julia Mullen + Scotty (enclosing tickets). Finished crocheting around his blanket this evening. Will be starting the Van Kirk St blanket now. We had dinner (Dick ate some) and then called Leon. I worked on the puzzle a bit. Dick was sort of out of it this evening but at least he was pleasant. Bed around 9:30 – Our swimming pool arrived + is going to be set up tomorrow. Made a dental appt for Dick at 11:30 with Dr. Reese.