Spent early morning at desk – call to change the meeting. Went out + got groceries + deposited $400 in our household acct. Then went to Lucy Foley’s for a Placement Committee meeting. Anabel gave me some burlap and yarn + Lucy some more. I went to the Sahara hotel and played a little 21 – won about $45. I bought Scotty + Leon’s plane tickets for the 4th of July weekend. I think if I mail them to Scott I will save them some time. Went to the office to get the financial statement [crossed out words] for Dave. Dick called while I was there. Was home + sounded a little drunk. Went to Dave’s with the figures. Stopped on the way home for a bottle of wine. Dick impossible when I got back. Picked a fight + when I said I was tired of going out on his errands + coming home to find him drunk he went slamming into the bedroom. When dinner was ready I went back after him + he said he was going to see “Summer of ’42” + he’d give me 3 minutes to get ready to go with him. At first I said no (but then I came back + said OK let’s go. (almost changed his mind.) We ate at the Macayo Vegas – I was pretty frosty but unbent finally. The movie was very touching + I was glad to have seen it. (although it was a full dress gala benefit + I was in slacks – oh well