Well, today was a nice + crazy day. We slept late + puddled around the house. Dick off to the office about 11 o’clock. I called Colby to find out where Anthony would be for his birthday nice chat. She said she thought Jim French might do something in the Preakness today. I dropped Ana off at the Safeway to shop (she’d called Armando to pick her up) and went to the Race Book. I got a little confused about “across the Board” betting. So ended up putting $10 on Canonero to win, Jim French to place + Bold Reason to show only had about $18 left. Went to the Landmark + played a little very cautious black jack + won $15. Went home. Dick back in time for the race Canonero alas didn’t make it – came in 4th but Jim French + Bold Reason both came in we wound up with $42 for $33. Ana not back yet so we went to look for her (didn’t find her) + pick up our money. Dick said he wanted to play it at Franks so I left $30 home. [crossed out letters] I have rarely been luckier I hit “lil lightnin’ machine for $149.10 Bought drinks all around several times + I must have hit about 6 or 7 $25.00 jackpots on the other machine. Dick was playing Poker + won a little we left with $135 more than we went in with + played for maybe an hour and a half + bought the house drinks 3 or 4 times. Saw Lido, Mario, Brownie + lots of others. Over to J + J’s for one drink + home for more wine. Decided to get a trailer for Ana + Armando + all their children when they come back. Told Ana – She cried, I cried, Dick cried. Very nice + emotional – if slightly drunk. Bed about 10 –