Diet –

Colby’s birthday –

Woke at 5:00 – Couldn’t sleep again. Neither could Dick. We got up + I called Harold. Everything’s fallen to pieces for him + I couldn’t be sorrier. We talked at some length. A little after 6 when I was dressed I called Julia Mullen + asked her secretary to send out a copy of the review of investments Special Delivery airmail. Dick took me to the airport + I just made the plane. Wrote Harold + sent a check for $200 to [crossed out letter] tide him over until something comes up. Nice flight (big Hawaii-bound plane) got car + drove out to Calabassis. Hit traffic + it was slow going. Got there at 9 + had to wait for my hair cut. But it was as always, worth it. Went to Calabassis shopping center + florinda leather store – Bought passport cases [crossed out word] for Alice + Timmy + Shoe mittens and a tie case for Timmy. Got to 870 Larrabee about 11 o’clock. Mrs. Nathanson is sick so he won’t be going until the 17th now. More time to fret. Alas. He also has a bad cough, has lost weight + is something of a nervous wreck. Everything fine in the “Button” department now so that’s good. Personally + very privately I think her letters sound neurotic in the extreme But Mary Elles is within a stones throw + I think Timmy should go. We had a good visit. Bruce Barker dropped by, fresh out of jail + it was surprisingly nice to see him. We called Doug but he didn’t call back before I had to leave Once again just made the plane. Dick there to meet me. Nice dinner, nice early evening + bed. Only mail a few more bills