Called Sheldon Andelson – They should record next Tues or Weds.

Interesting day. Went to breakfast at The Blvd. + Anne Hall put me at the Celebrity Table to keep Burt Bachrach, Sr. company. I liked him alot – Newspaper columnist with fascinating household tips à la Heloise. Father of the songwriter. Went to B. Dalton + bought some paperbacks for Timmy’s trip and a gorgeous reference book called “Filmgoers Companion.” Went to Alice’s and gave her 4 books of Blue Chip stamps so she could get some luggage. She had almost 23 and we pored over the catalog together. Saw all the things shes taking + had a nice visit together topped off by the last of the birthday salad. Went to Juvenile to work on the Placement Committee with Annabel. I really love her. Funny story about Jack + the Counseling (“Male Chauvenist Pigs!”) I think the Placement Committee is a vast waste of time Spoke with Shirley who needs another copy of my investment review for another financial statement – We have 4 digs next week which is good news. Message from Harold Stern “It looks like total disaster” – home too late to call him back. Dick home drunk + I wasn’t too happy Guy Gagnon called to say he’d had it 2nd hand that Carpenter intends to attach the bank accts again. We called Dave who wants to see Shirley tomorrow evening at 5:30 w/books. Roast beef with wine – Bed about 10.