Diet –

Today was a good day from almost every point of view. (only bad thing was getting my book from Jo Rogers but I knew it had been sent.) Spent morning at desk – Called Dana McKay about a speed writing course. Called Western Airlines + have reservations for Friday + George Spicer for hair appt. Called Alice to thank her for a lovely party and Anabel later to ask Alice’s size. Dick Rund called to find out about the taxes + then called Shirley. My diet is going incredibly well – I weighed 126 1/2 this morning. It must have been all liquid when I hit 135. I spoke with Dick who sounded fine + Shirley at another point in the day said his attitude today was just great – “like the old Dick.” How lovely. I went to the International + cashed a check for $50 – played 21 for a bit, bought back my check + left with $70, that too was lovely. Went to look for the Las Vegas tourist bureau but it’s out out of business. Picked up a magazine called “Now” at the International. Got grass seed at Von Tobel’s, picked up our laundry + cleaning ($20) + a few groceries. Present from Annie today – a night gown and a lounge robe dress w/funny card. Dick home around six. We had a little wine with dinner. Watched a re-run of “Over the Hill Gang” + loved it all over again. I finished the yellow part of the border on Dick’s blanket. Now a black edge + that’s it. Am going to make one for Mom, Cassie + George.