Diet –

Rotten night – probably too much coffee but really couldn’t sleep. Up about 8 – Had one egg for Breakfast – Dick off to Store. Jack + Shirley came in around 9:30 – Must have been a fairly ghastly trip. I took yesterdays output to the post office. Went to cleaners + laundry, Drug store for vitamins, Safeway for groceries + then to the bank to deposit $80 of small misc. checks. Back by 10:45 Washed hair + put on green slacks + jacket for my birthday luncheon. Went to pick up Shirley who has a cold now + off to Alice’s. Alice, Annabel + Lucile had fixed a lovely luncheon. Sarah Denton, Annie Chiuvach [?], Elaine and Ann Hall [crossed out letters] made up the rest of the party. Elaine and I as the birthday girls were dressed (ESP) to compliment each other. Elaine gave me “The Exorcist” as a present I gave her nothing – yet. Ate too much for diet but none of it really fattening. Had good time. Took Shirley back at two + went to Valley bank for Dick with loan application for a pool. Home – letters from Susan C Cleveland + Timmy Dick went to Temple Bar to help J + J get their boat. I was bugged because it meant drinking but I got a fair amt. accomplished here. Called Sheldon – Escrow still incomplete. Ate diet dinner + worked on puzzle Dick home at 8:30 – Could have been in worse shape – TV – bed – worked on blanket border