Timmy called –

rainy – windy – day – We spent most of it in + out of bed. Dick started off with a drink at 8:30 + that’s how the day went although he tapered off to wine later on. I’m going to stay on the wagon until I weigh 120 lbs and I foresee a very rocky time. I did some work in the library. Paid bills – Hayes, Service, Power Leon’s commission. Wrote Mary + returned Mother’s picture. made pkge of paperbacks for Sue Glick + a pkge of left behind things for Cassie. wrote birthday cards to Bisy + Colby. Sorted papers Dick + I called Cassie + I called Harold Stern who now thinks the whole thing is a chimera + will never take place. It was a sad [crossed out letter] conversation + I wish I had alot more money + could help out. I read a detective story by Ross MacDonald + finished one by Celia Fremlin. We made love three times. Finally in the evening – we got dressed for dinner. I put on Mary’s new skirt which I love and started the puzzle from New Hampshire. Shirley called about 7:30 or 8 to say that Jack + Joyce’s boat had broken down + they would all be back in the morning. She asked Dick to call several sets of parents + he was very abrupt with them when they asked for particulars. I called Shirley’s house + little Kim answered – I told her it was Patience + was her Father there. While Jerry was coming to the phone she came back + said “Which Patience is this?”