body count in Yuba City now up to 23

Good God – What a day – Started off all right (except for the hangovers) We took Cassie to the airport at 11:30 – Almost ran out of gas. Hated to see her go. Didn’t stop for a drink on the way back (thank God). I weighed 134 1/2 lbs this am + have had it. Came back + went to bed. I said I felt like throwing up + Dick jumped out of bed, got dressed + stormed out saying he was sick of my “playing games” etc What he really wanted was a drink + he went + got about 10. Meanwhile the Graysons called + wanted to come out + see the house. I said to come ahead thinking Dick was gone for the day. He beat the Graysons back + fell out of the car, smashed. Came in + said we were never going to bed again together, jumping up + down on the little old picture of him + Barbara, shattering the glass all over the rug + stormed off to the bedroom saying the Graysons could go fuck themselves. – that was as they drove up Hideous 45 minutes with the Graysons – like having a time bomb in the other room. One interruption but I hope inaudible to them. They left + Dick slept + I read. Scotty called + Leon called – both to say goodbye to Cassie. Dick up + down, We made peace but it was uphill work. Thank God tomorrow is a holiday.