Alarms off at 5:30 – Mary up to see us all + give Dick directions he couldn’t follow (not that I could have) Dick in foul humor. Cassie left her best dress behind I thought I’d left a shoe. Yammer Yammer Yammer. Started calling Dick “Super Dimples” + somehow wackily saved the day or else started it off. We had a drink on the plane At the airport I put a quarter in a machine + hit $5.00 – left with 4.50. We went over to Franks bar and I hit 777 with 2 quarters which gave us a hundred + shortly after I hit $125.00 Ho Ho Ho Played back alot – sharing with Cassie Dick. We had alot of Bloody Mary’s – alot of fun + left $60.00 richer. (gave it to Dick – along with the silver) Went by the Valley Bar + picked up a bottle. Home + had more to drink We called Philadelphia. We lay around + finally all took a nap. We went to the Jungle Club for dinner + had 9 margueritas each which has to be some kind of record. Came home + had a nightcap + sat + talked in drunken depth. Not as drunken as would have seemed probable however. Guess we drank ourselves sober.