Pouring rain today – we drove in to pick up Scotty who was standing outside with a bag of gifts from Leon. We drove out to Disneyland + thanks to the rain it was not at all crowded. We bought raincoats (Dick, Cassie + I) for $1.50 each + everything was great. We started with Pirates of the Carribbean + then went to the Haunted House. Just Great. Our first time. We really hit just about everything – Small World, the Submarine, The Matterhorn, Autopia, Peter Pan, the Mine train, the S + D train, the Jungle Cruise. [crossed out words] Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house, the carousel, the jets + the teacups. The jets were hysterical because Scotty + Cass couldn’t get in properly + couldn’t get out when it was over. The teacups with both Dick + Scott manning the wheel turned out to be the dizziest ride of all. We took the bucket ride too. Scotty bought us hot dogs + later lunch. It was a perfect sort of day. We all had fun + laughed alot and never had to wait in line. Left about 4 which was lucky as the ride in was endless traffic just terrible Got to the Hungry Tiger + had some drinks before Scotty had to leave us. (he had a date to take Dorothy Brisbois to a show) We opened Leon’s presents – a long peasant-type evening dress fro Cass, stationery for me and nuts for Dick. We ate dinner at the Hungry Tiger + I called Timmy. Told him I’d come up next week to see him.) We got back to Mary’s a little after 9. Brought them a box of bottles of wine + then proceeded to drink alot of it. Mary gave me a copy of her poems (the only one she’s given out)