When we got up this morning with giant-size hangovers – a note from Mary who’d gone to work Dick + I told Cassie she’d won the Peacemaker’s Prize. [crossed out letters] Dick delighted with Mary + Les’ refrigerator (“they really know how to buy.”) ice cream bars, juices sherbets etc. We went to Leon’s office at 11:30 + drove out to Universal for lunch. At that stage I wasn’t too happy – felt touristy + out of things + hated it. After lunch we went on the Universal Studio tour – the beginning was a little tedious (except to Cassie) but the bulk of it in the tram was fascinating. Had never realized the extent of the property – drove through villages + saw a rain storm + passed “Prop Plaza” – alot of furniture from Land of the Giants. Took photos – Returned Leon to his office after about 4 hrs. All exhausted. took brief nap at Mary + Les’ + then drove in to Hollywood to the Magic Castle. Perfect sort of evening. Scotty waiting for us. Delicious dinner and then two good magic shows Alot of fun really. Went home about 10 o’clock. Thanks to last night’s debauchery we were all worn out

When the tour guide at Universal asked if there was anyone present from another country Leon volunteered that “there’s a lady here from Philadelphia.”