Awful day – really. Cassie wanted to come to court so off we all went, picking up Shirley – the Xerox machine stuck + several vital sheets of figures were chewed up. Got to court to find others had been left behind. Dick back to get them Delay in court. finally went in about 10:30. Dick put on the stand + I thought he was great. Even-tempered + well spoken. Rick Vandenberg was the first witness + came out in our favor I’d say. Judge O’Donnell said there had been no date for the books to be reviewed on the receivership order + asked to have the books brought in on June 16th. In the meantime in chambers, Dave told him I’d foreclosed on the note. Unfortunately Galane knows that now too. After Cassie + I went to Vegas Village to get copies made of my letter to Jo Rogers. Had lunch at the International + played a little 21 and a few machines. Left $5.00 ahead. Came home same time Dick did + had a letter from Jo Rogers saying she couldn’t do anything with the book + going into quite a bit of criticism. I felt very tearful. I called Sheldon Andelson’s office + felt even worse after that. We got our flight , had a drink + got to L.A. Picked up car + I couldn’t tell Dick how to get to Mary + Les’s. He got very surly + I got more upset When we did get there they poured us a drink + Mary gave me a really lovely evening skirt as a gift, The nicest birthday present I got. Called Sheldon who told me to bring in the lease-sale agreement. Les led us onto La Cienega + we went to 9000 Sunset where I dropped off the papers. On to Leon’s. Dick still surly + suddenly I’d had it + I got surly in spades. Dick took a nap after dinner + I went right on drinking. Cried for a bit – too many disappointments for one day – Court, the book + the house Hardly remember the ride home – Cassie the peacemaker all the way. Home at midnight.