Up early/couldn’t sleep too well – Washed hair, fixed face – put on suitable court outfit. Paid a few bills – Am. Express, telephone Timmy. Off to court (picked up Shirley at office) Rick Vandenberg there. Subpoenaed by Carpenter but on our side, Dave there. Saw Mort Galane + John Carpenter. Real hatred stirring in my innards Court postponed til tomorrow. Complete change of plans necessary. Dick + I went home via the Valley Bank. Stopped to talk with Jack Kiser + got a one month extension on the loan. Had to pay $325.00 interest. Note now due June 12th. Either Dick’s mortgage or the house should come through by then. Took Cassie down to the office Jett’s petting zoo is back in town + we went to see them. Then we went to the Landmark tower. Up the elevator but the Casino on top was closed. Came back down + had lunch. I had 50¢ which I put in a machine + won $10 + that started it – We came home $52 richer from those 2 quarters. Went + got groceries + came home. Then Shirley + I off to see Dave. Poor Shirley has her night’s work cut out for her going over the books. After Dinner I called Mary + Scotty [crossed out word] to change plans. We’re leaving now at 5 tomorrow afternoon. Didn’t call Leon as our plans with him still stand. Bed early but once again couldn’t sleep.