Nice quiet morning. Dick off to help George Hall. Cassie + I went out for groceries. Ana’s flowers arrived. Beautiful, long-stemmed roses I took Cassie to Circus-Circus. No admission because of construction. We went to a marvelous magic show (Dr Ralph Adams) watched all the acts. Played a little keno, the slot machines, and 21 and had a hot dog. Total cost for 3 hours was $5. We got home about 3:30 and then I went to the office + Dick + I + Shirley went over to see Dave. We have to go to court tomorrow at 9:00 am! Dave asked Shirley to get together what figures there are. What a pain in the ass Home dinner + plans for L.A. Called Leon Mary + Scotty. We’re going Weds am + coming back at 7 Friday morning. Bed early + sober for court! Such fun having Cassie