My birthday (sob) was awakened by telegram from Newcomb + Anne followed shortly be call from Daddy Hil + Jim Nice talk Opened presents – slacks suit from Marlene which doesn’t fit because I’m too fat. Dick made us cheese omelets (alas didn’t eat one himself) We went by the office to show Cassie the store + then to the Showboat. Dick played the Keno ticket + we won a little but lost more. However except for the drinking (Dick’s) it could have been worse. We finally left + went over to Jack + Joyce’s. Both smashed. Carl there again. Joyce wrote a long birthday card about being 40. Then wanted me to read it aloud. Shit. Big cake with 40 written on it. Double shit. They gave me a Slack Suit. Then Shirley came with Linda and Shirley gave me a Slacks Suit – (size 5 because that’s what Jack said I wore) Triple Shit. Dick back + forth from our house to theirs because he was fixing our dinner as the afternoon wore on Dick was soberer than either Cassie or I. Joyce (who had given Linda’s horse alot of cut grass + it died) kept telling Linda she was going to get her a new horse. and also kept saying that Shirley wouldn’t taste my birthday cake until Joyce tasted it first in case it was poisoned! When we went home there were birthday messages from Leon, Norman Poser + Dick + Drue. Ana + Armando bought flowers which are coming tomorrow. Bed about 9:00 – Mary called + we made plans for L.A. Scotty called too.