We slept late-ish. Dick left for the office around 11 o’clock. The winds still high. I unpacked with Ana. She has everything looking so nice. Talked with the Grayson’s who are in town for a week or so. Did a very small amount of desk work. Called Philadelphia to find out when Cassie was coming. (Had lost the paper with the data) Called Dave’s office to find out when we were supposed to go to court. Nobody there but Shirley said he wants to see us at 5 o’clock Monday afternoon. Cassie arrived at 4:45. How good to see her. We stopped at the Valley bar to pick up a bottle of bourbon. Saw Wendy + Denny. Home. Showed Cassie the house. Dick invited Jack + Joyce over after dinner to play poker. Stuffed peppers for dinner then Dick out for another bottle. [crossed out letters] Poker went in our favor. Cassie couldn’t lose. After J + J left Dick slept on the floor for awhile + Cassie + I drank + talked about everything (from drinking to sex, to psychiatry, to families etc. etc. etc.) Bed about midnight. I got some symbidium orchids today from Philadelphia. Tomorrow my birthday 40th – Good God.