Our last day in New York – cold + rainy. Called Shirley w/flight times. Called Daddy to say goodbye. He hasn’t gotten his pen from Mark Cross yet so Dick called them. Annie came by at noon with Mary McCarfy’s new book as a birthday present. We called Drue to say goodbye. So many people we haven’t called but it was too painful to visit this time. We had to pay cash (check) for the hotel bill as they’ve just changed hands and the American Express isn’t set up yet. Oh well we won’t have to pay it later. At 3:30 we got a cab for Kennedy and it was one wild ride taking an hour and a half. The cab driver yelling platitudes at us through his bullet proof shield. At the airport there was too long a wait + Dick had 3 drinks which bugged me. I went off + bought 2 dreary paperback books. We boarded on time + then had a 2 hour delay – Dick off for another drink + to call Shirley. The flight was smooth – or fairly so – Dinner tasty- drinks first + wine with. We played cards. Got in around 10:30 – Jack came to meet us. Home and an appalling table full of mail. But no escrow check. I couldn’t believe it + Dick angry at me because I couldn’t. We went over to Jack + Joyce’s. Carl there with a girlfriend. Said he’d come + finish our house next week. (?) We came home + went over some of our mail. Didn’t get to bed til 2 am. Winds up to 50 + 60 miles an hour today. Ana had the doors sealed with masking tape!!