Dick angry with me this am. Said I’d been terrible and that Lester had “walked out” on us. (This later amended to Lester returning to his apartment via the connecting door from the restaurant.) Mary Jean called + couldn’t make our very tentative meeting this am. Dr, Richmans office called + said they could take me at 11 am (scheduled for 4:00 pm) I left a little before 11. He did a complete periodental treatment, said he was satisfied with the way things were healing + told me at noon that I was through until next Sept. 8th at 10:30. (he’s going to do an implant but it will take 3 months first to fully heal.) I was dizzy but happy + sat for a while in the waiting room. Dick came to get me + that made me very happy. We had some lunch at the café continental + went back + lay down for a long, long nap. At 7 we went to meet Drue + Dick at the [crossed out words] “Seafare of the Aegean” + we had a perfect evening. funny, a little drunk, friendly + happy. Returned Dick’s typewriter (after first telling him it had been stolen) + said a fond farewell at around 10:30. We bought a half pint + took it home with us for a nightcap.