My face was swollen + painful today. Felt horrible. but at least I wrote a long letter of background on “the Lion is Busy” for Josephine Rogers. It took hours but I felt it was well done. Dick + I took it and a copy of the book over to Collier-Knowlton + Wind. We walked back via F.A.O. Schwartz + went inside – then ambled past the Plaza + went to Dr. Richman’s office. He’d left early so no appt. today and I could have cried with relief. We called Philadelphia + I told Mom we couldn’t make it this trip + explained about the dentist. We called Jessie to wish her Happy Birthday + we made our reservations home Friday evening at 5:40, Las Vegas at 7:30. It will be good to get back. We went over to Lester Kurth’s apartment for drinks + ended up having dinner with him at the Proof of the Pudding enormous glass, tiny shoe shine boy with pimp (older brother on drugs?) deep conversation about family – Aunt Hope – Blah Blah Blah. Drunk. Me most of all. Convinced I had cancer of the jawbone.