Went to Dr. Richmans at 11 o’clock – Oh Lord – he told me the tooth had to come out – that the jawbone had been infected etc. (He’d tried to save it last week) So I told him just to put me way out. Completely out. I was crying in the beginning + when he asked (I was under gas) if it was a sense of loss I told him no it was just fear plain + simple. He gave me an injection + lots of gas + finally I was out + it was all over + I remember going to lie on his couch out in back. Dick came to get me – Thank God. I was wildly unsteady at first. We took a cab to the Bank of New York + cashed a check. Called Jim Fleming who was out to lunch. Back to the hotel for a nap then back to the Dentist. Dick came with me. Dr. Richman filed off + carved the upper left filling – Once he hit the lower left corner when I jumped + I almost fainted. Blah Blah Blah home + slept. Went to the “Folies” about 6:30 – in time to have supper next door. Our seats were 3 + 5th row on the far outside aisles + the sightlines were somewhere to our right. It was a disappointment to me in general although alot I really liked. After we went back + thanked Fritz + saw John McMartin who’s starring. He seemed so genuinely pleased to see me that it meant alot to me. After we stopped at a fish house + Dick had some chowder We picked up a pint after a drink at the Russian tea room + went home.