Both Dick + I went to Dr. Richman’s at 10:30. Dr. Richman worked on Dick first and cut away alot of calcium – etc. without anaesthesia (God). Dick then went off to see about some above ground pools. Evidently most of the big mfrs. are here in the East. I had a ghastly appt this morning. The gas (maybe on top of the alcohol reservoir) really hit me and I had weird visions of demolishing old Park Ave mansions + ripping out the chandeliers. (a la Louis Auchincloss). Dr. Richman gave me another kind of gas in addition + I was muttering things like “Bringing in the reserves, eh?” The new receptionist came in + said to Dr. Richman “they keep asking me where Mrs. Gordon is – what do I say?” I told her “Don’t let ’em bug you baby – just tell ’em who you are.” The worst of all this was the total recall. Dr. Richman put in a major filling in the upper [crossed out word] left hand side + told me I needed some more appointments. I went weaving back to the hotel + called the office + Marian the new receptionist scheduled me for 11 am tomorrow as well as 4 pm. Dick back around one – had had good + interesting + worthwhile trip to 200 5th Ave. a toy center like the L.A. Furniture Mart. Has made several contacts for the above ground pools. Annie called to say Fritz could get us into Follies + when I called him he said he had 2 seats for us for tomorrow night. Annie came over to visit + Dick went down + got us tea + coffee + himself several drinks. Annie + I called Cordelia – Nice but brief + interrupted chat. Later Dick + I went out + had some chinese food. I was sober + rather argumentative.