Dick’s mouth bleeding alot. Outside alot of rain. Called Annie – no suggestions + Druscilla who had none either. Suddenly thought to try Mrs. Gordon in New Rochelle + got her. She’d been fired Friday. When I asked her why Dr. Richman didn’t have an answering service she said “Darling if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it. And I wouldn’t want you to think that just because I was fired after 18 years that I’m talking with any venom after all 3 hours traveling every day and now I can get 37 weeks of unemployment by which time I’ll be eligible for social security – who needs it? The reason Dr. Richman doesn’t have a service, Darling, is he’s too god damned cheap!” – Don’t know why it struck me so funny but it did. Any way she gave us his home number and we got him + [crossed out word] he told Dick to use salt to stop the bleeding it worked to some degree. (Hydrogen Peroxide, incidentally¬†causes bleeding!) Called Drue back – She’d spoken to Johnny, who’d said blithely “if he’d lost too much blood he’d be in shock.”) We drove out to Colby + Russell’s in the rain. The house inside looked gorgeous + the flowers outside just beautiful. Jessie was home and Russell had made paiella for us We watched the Mets + the Pirates play and the Mets alas lost. Then we played Poker + started drinking. Ended up by losing $35.00 which we bought back with a check. Hardly remember coming home.