Tried to place a bet on the Preakness but the OTB closed when we got there. Dick wanted to bet Canonero who would have won. We went to Bachrach’s + ordered Daddy’s picture. Called Harold. Had called him last night but didn’t remember. Things going all right still. They’d offered him a check for $1,000 – yesterday but he said he’d wait til Monday when the rest of the money was there. Called Joe + he was furious + understandably humiliated because after a blanket invitation from the Producer he couldn’t get the free tickets after all. Poor Joe. He suggested we try to see “1776” next door. Called + they had seats. Dick’s mouth bleeding badly today. Odd after 2 days. The sheets + pillow cases all bloody. Tried to get a hold of Dr. Richman + couldn’t. Dick swallowing blood. Pretty gruesome for him + grim to look at too. We went to the cafe continental for lunch – all soft things including old fashioneds. Went to pharmacist who suggested hydrogen peroxide to stop the bleeding. Didn’t do much good. We got to the theatre early + got 2 second row center seats for $15.00 each my God! However, happily, we really loved the show. Met Joe after with some difficulty (“he’s playing the Roxy”) + we traipsed up to the confucious where Annie, Moose + Fritz were waiting with Elaine Stritch, Mary Ann something + a very pleasant couple. Fritz is Co S. Mgr. for Follies + said he could get us seats. He left with Stritch early. We were the next to leave but only after drinks + birthday cake nice time. Dick’s mouth still bleeding