Called Josephine Rogers + finally talked to her. She wants me to drop the book off along with as much background as possible on it. Called Drue to see if I could borrow a typewriter and we decided to meet on 18th St for drinks, typewriter + Chinese food. Annie called to say Joe Lewis could get us into “70 girls 70” tomorrow. Called Joe + asked for tomorrow matinee if possible. Annie invited us to her Birthday party after the show tomorrow night. Called Colby + asked if we could come out on Sunday – fine. Dentist at 3:30. Gas as usual. My mouth feeling awful. Back to the hotel + lay down. Went to Drue + Dicks around 7 o’clock One good thing about increased cab fares is the general boycott which means you can get one at any time + the drivers are pleasant. The apt on 18th St looked great. Drue + Dick are planning to go to Europe for a month this summer. Drue’s dieting now+ I’m so glad. She’s on the low carbohydrate diet. Dick + Dick get along well + it’s such fun to be with them. Pleasant drunk evening and good chinese food. Left for the hotel at midnight. Dick alot soberer than I. Messages from Harold + Joe Lewis.