Lay around feeling terrible in the morning. Dick had broken a tooth last night somehow (one of only 7 left) I called Dr. Richman’s office + Mrs. Richman (Mrs. G. was at a funeral) told us both to come in at 10 o’clock (instead of 3 for me) He worked on Dick first for a full hour – decided he could save the tooth + capped it. Dick went over to Mark Cross’s then to get Daddy’s pen fixed and I went in for a fairly brief visit. We had a sort of lunch at the café continental + went back to our room. Lay around until 6 when Dick + Drue came. We shared a pt of scotch + one of bourbon + then went over to the Russian tea room for dinner. Funny time – Had a waitress like a Games Mistress who made all our decisions for us. (many of them bad ones). We decided not to go back there again. Parted company around ten o’clock. Called Josephine Rogers several times so far – today + yesterday. Have not yet been able to speak to her. Spoke with Colby today. Both our mouths hurt.