Annie’s B’day

9:30 – Dentist appt. on the way I made a reservation for us across the street at the Buckingham Hotel. Dr. Richman depressing – I have an abscessed tooth with what looks like infected jaw bone – as well as myriad other dental disorders. He worked on lower right side today. [crossed out letters] I bought Annie some birthday gifts – a red knapsack + sort of bag, an umbrella, some pocket books and a puzzle. Back to the hotel. Mary Jean had called + I called her back. About tickets for Congress from Jimmy. It was already arranged when I called. We checked out of the Great Northern + into the Buckingham where we have a lovely place with refrigerator + sitting room. Perfect + only $21 a day. Went to see Company ” matinee and we loved it. One of the best I’ve seen in years + years. Barbara Barrie hilarious. Alot of it hilarious + at moments very moving. We took Annie’s presents back first + agreed to meet her after the evening show as she was caught up in rehearsals. Back to the hotel. Harold Stern called around 6 o’clock + we met him for dinner. His “New York American” job looks as though it might finally come through and he still wants me to be his Las Vegas correspondent. We ate at “Headquarters” and then went to Gallahers next to the theatre. Both Dick + I had too much to drink + by the time poor Annie joined us, we were a lost cause – home about 11:30 –