Dick called in the a.m. – pleasant – talked to Daddy. I mailed a birthday check to Susan Cleveland in Tulsa, bought some stamps at the Post office (rates go up on Monday) bought postcards + cashed check. Then Daddy + I drove to Don Siebergs’ to get some mailing envelopes for photographs. After lunch I washed slacks, sweater + underwear and cleaned up my room and packed Got a carbon of a nice letter Dean Coffin in L.A. wrote in my behalf to his agent in New York – Josephine Rogers of Collier-Knowlton – + Wing. Called Sheldon Andelson’s office about the Escrow but no news as yet. Hilary + little Susan over to say good bye. I gave Ethel a birthday check for $25 and left a small $5 check for Jim Moore. Daddy + I drove up to Lebanon about 5:15 – Got there before six and Daddy turned around + drove back to miss the dark. Dear Daddy – We had a good time together. The flight uneventful. Cab from La Guardia easy to get + I reached the hotel by 8:45 – Dick there + rather drunk. The hotel (on 57th St) a flea bag. We went out to “Seafare of the Aegean” to eat. (Dick had eaten there several hours earlier) Delicious. Dick started to revive the fight but I wouldn’t – we walked over to the theatre to see Annie but she’d left – show time is an hour earlier now. Left a statue of liberty that plugs in + tells the temperature as a pre B’day gift. Back to the hotel + called Harold Stern. Decided to change hotels tomorrow.