Up early – kept wondering if Dick was going to turn around + come back. Called Hilary who put Winnie on a bus for Boston (we’d been going to take her back to Farmington today) Told Daddy that Dick had gotten worried about business + had decided to leave early to get in a visit with his Mother. I called Mom Michels in Philadelphia to say Dick was probably on his way. It was a horrid day from every point of view. Felt it necessary to keep up a front but was scared to be away from the phone. Dick called finally at 5:30 – Drunk and telling me it was all my fault etc. etc. but at least he’d gotten to Philadelphia. I tried to keep my end of the conversation pleasant but frankly I felt if he were angry with me it was hardly necessary to inconvenience everyone else. Daddy + I had a pleasant dinner together + after I went over to Hilary’s. A dead snake on their doorstep. Called Druscilla who made us a reservation at the Great Northern Hotel in New York. Called Philadelphia to leave the name of the hotel with Cassie. Made plane reservations to New York tomorrow night. Called Colby earlier to say we couldn’t make dinner tonight + called Dr. Richman’s office – have appt. Weds. morning.