After breakfast dressed + went to church – a lovely Mother’s Day service + I got very choked up when the hymn was “Oh love that wilt not let me go.” Carnations after + Parish house + hello to Bob Thurston – sherry at home w/ Jim + Hilary + Susan who was fascinated by the figure on the couch – “When is that old man going to wake up?” Sunday dinner + naps. Went over to Jim + Hilary’s – I played Spite’n’Malice with Winnie + Dick played cards with Susan (who won! – said Dick). Home. drinks – clam chowder + early evening for Daddy. David over + we went by the Condicts. Not home so left a message. Were home + about to go to bed when Ed stopped over – Too bad as it got to be a late drunk evening + Dick + I had a fight + he left about 3 am for Philadelphia. Grand!