Cold day + damp – Dick + I went to Pinecraft to confirm the order on the dining room set. Got gas + went to the Miniature Dept Store for some shoes for Dick + then the college sportshop where he got a gorgeous sweater. Home + over to Barn View for the trip to Jimmy’s cabin. Daddy alot later as Jimmy ran out of gas in the Jeep. We – Dick, Hil, Linc + little Susan + I walked down + had a lovely time. Fell in love with the cabin – Perfect picnic – Shot arrows + to everyone’s amazement (mine most I hit 2 bulls’ eyes.) Dick went back with Russell in the car (as did Winnie) + Daddy + Jim in the jeep. Hil, Susan, Linc + I walked Carried Susan most of the way. Then Dick + I went over to visit with the Cochrans. had a good time + Dick loved the house. Daddy called to say Gen Millar had called + the three of us went down to have a drink with her + then back to dinner. I found the Burpee Homestead notebook everyone was looking for after dinner. Dick + I worked on some jigsaw puzzles. Russell stopped by – is leaving at 6 am tomorrow. Dick called Jack + everything’s under control – Bed (I made a figure with a beer can + cigarette + left it on couch for Daddy)