(cont) the bar en route to Boston + that was good! Dick’s spot remover a little worse than the butter – very loud + relentless talker sat behind us + dying though we were of fatigue it was impossible to sleep. Thought Dick was going to turn around + punch him at one point. Got to Boston at 10:20. endless wait getting the car + then of course we got lost getting out of Boston [crossed out letters] we passed the same 3 cops 4 times and one of them the last time did a very funny double take. Called Daddy from Medford – Dick had to have a drink so we stopped fleetingly + raced on to New London arriving at one-15. Hilary there and Daddy took us to the Inn for lunch. By now we’d been up over 30 hrs (I without even a nap) + were on the verge of collapse. Came home + did collapse for a couple of hours. Up in time for cocktails, dinner w/wine and an ale. We were all tight + called Tom Aitkins + tried to get Bill Bailey but couldn’t (Just as well) Long involved discussion about Daddy’s preferences for his funeral. Can’t remember going to bed although I do remember Dick telling me we didn’t need another ale. I seemed to think it was vital to our welfare