What a day – mad, mad, mad, mad rush. [crossed out letters] We called Daddy + tried Mather again – Called Chem bank – Lester away, Julia ill but Lester’s sec’ty Sandy said she’d send $2,000 to my acct today + another 8 within the week I called Dr. Richman’s office + got Mrs. Gordon to save cancellations for me. Called Sheldon who will have a power of atty on the Escrow. Called Miss Casey to tell her. Called Jack Kiser who said he’d let us be delinquent on the note for a little (that damn money is due on the 10th) I called the Placement Committee to say I couldn’t make it for a couple of weeks. (I’ll miss the election too on Monday) Paid mortgage Pecos, Hayes, S.A.G. Equity, Nevada Power, service, Bruce Terminex + the Marathon Bridge outfit. Made Shopping list with Ana. Went to store + gave Shirley a check for $1,000.00 and another undated for 7500. She gave me one for $780 which I cashed next door. Went and got piles of groceries + picked up the cleaning + laundry. Everything would have been beautiful but John Carpenter is trying to get Dick removed as receiver. Mel Close called. And Dick went to pieces. Came home drunk. Daddy called also to say that Mather was back in the hospital. I’d gotten a lovely steak for dinner but Dick ate almost none. However he got some sleep which helped. I called Elaine + Leon + Dean Coffin and think I got everything squared away. Ana helped us pack. We left a little before Midnight + at 12:30 we took off. Had a drink and snack on the plane. didn’t sleep – Landed Chicago at 7 am. Dick had gotten butter on his clean pants so we got off for spot remover. They did not reopen