Called [crossed out words] Diane Casey to ask about the next mortgage payment + she said to let it go. Went to 10 am Board meeting at Alice’s – what a dreary, lengthy session and what was accomplished? Had lunch with Shirley at Macoa + Vegas. Dick had been sleeping in his office when we left and I brought him back a grilled cheese and container of milk but alas he’d left. Called home but he wasn’t there and suddenly on a hunch I went to the Showboat + saw his truck. Odd hunch as normally it’s the last place in the world to look for him. Went in and he was gambling the rent check from Bonita. I managed to get away $100 + stash it. Then he started to win some more and I kept skimming – was up to $280 when he started to lose. After we hit $200 on the way down [crossed out letters] I wouldn’t give him any more money. He left very angry. I won on a slot machine and kept playing our $10.80 keno ticket. Started playing 21 and Daisy came in + we sat together + got quite lucky. Dick called + told me to come home so I did after a few more hands. I left with $290.00 which wasn’t bad. Got some groceries + came home – Dick had made reservations for us to go to N.H. tonight at 12:30 I told him I couldn’t + had to have one day at least. Changed them to tomorrow night at 12:30 Called Alice to say I was off (she planned a birthday party for me + Elaine next Tuesday!) hamburgers + french fries for Dick + then bed.