Looked out of the kitchen window today + saw Jack + Dick unloading a slot machine from the back of the truck. It got set up in the kitchen next to the pictures of the homestead (!?) Jack got it running after prolonged tinkering Joyce with him. They’d been in the bar next to the store and the owner was getting rid of the machine so Dick bought it (company – money) I wasn’t too happy with the drinking part of it but I think it’s a kick to have our own machine and it was a peace offering. Dick had gone to see the trailer + John had done nothing to fix it up. It’s pretty disillusioning. We went to the market in the afternoon + got a leg of lamb and some nickels. Once again Dick prepared it and it was delicious. Watched TV, played our slot machine + went to bed. Armando hit 777 but it only pays a dollar (the rest is “paid by the attendant”) + he put it all back in.