Mother’s Birthday

Wrote Mrs. Sullivan and Virginia Martindale. Called Timmy who’d backed out of his appt. with Doug. Called Leon for some addresses – Shirley called + suggested trying to call Alan Morehead – Placed the call to Hawaii and found it was 7 am there so decided to try again. His local bank acct has been closed and he’d promised the money by April 20th. Went to the Bank of Nevada + got a statement about our installment collection acct. Took it over to Investor’s Mortgage and then went to Keno Lane Post office and mailed everything. Next stop the Castaways where I played 21 and couldn’t win. Tried to call the office several times + kept getting busy signals. [crossed out word] Finally managed to call from the Enco pay station Played the slot machine at the Safeway and won $25.00 so maybe there’s some justice. Came home just before Dick. Very nice note from David Dworski – except that they’re signing Susan Tyrrell for the part of Oma. Funny letter from Scott. Stuffed Peppers and 3 bottles of wine for dinner – one too many We watched Jeffrey while Ana + Armando went to Elda Muir’s to return the TV set – ugly scene evidently. Paco has a room down the street.