A good + comparatively productive day. Up at 7 – Saw Jack + Dick off – caught up diary – left house at 9:30 for Juvenile. Went to Child Haven. Saw Linda + Ken Dalton + new guy whom I liked although I don’t know his name. Childrens’ games – Lucy Foley playing piano. Went to Alice’s + picked up info on Dean Coffin. Had nice visit with Alice. Went to office to get copies made of Dean’s press clippings. John Painter in – wish to God he’d make a car payment or something. Bought a couple of books at Dana McKay’s. Went to bank and deposited Izzy’s check. Saw Daisy at W.O.W. Went to Safeway for groceries + M.O. for Ana. Had eggs + bacon there. Was very strict today on diet. Got home about 3. Wrapped book for Hil + Jim with note + clippings. Made pkge for Daddy. Wrapped Cotton’s poster + wrote note with very late B’day check. Paid Phone Co. Aftra dues, Smith dues, filled out Equity ballot + Smith ballot. Dick home at 5:45. We watched TV and I wrote a couple of notes to Bill Tregoe, Magda + Scott with pictures of the night at Leon’s. We watched a Magnificent Hallmark Hall of Fame Show – Peter Ustinov playing an elderly Jew and a remarkable little black kid named N’gai Dixon. A real tear jerker. Bed soon after. Weight down.