We got to the Colonial Hotel at 3:30 am in La Jolla. One stop en route at San Juan Capistrano. Clerk showed us into the room + none of us could find the bed. A murphy, it developed. have complete kitchen which is lovely. Went to sleep 1 woke about 9:30. Dick went out + got coffee. We called Sue who said she’d love to see us around two + we called June + said we’d see her around 5:30. We went to have lunch at Anthony’s + found ourselves fighting some awesome oysters. But good. As we were leaving – who should appear but Alice + Annabel + Jack. Had completely forgotten they were coming + was stunned to see them. Really funny. Jack told Dick to call him Tuesday about a pool. Went + bought 2 bottles of Bristol creme Sherry for Sue + some little goodies. Back to the room + called Leon who was “completely confused” first thought we were joking. Drove into San Diego + spent about 3 hours with Sue who looks very well + who is as dear as ever. Dick was very impressed, I think and I think Sue liked him. Was so glad we’d made the trip. She said it had done her a world of good and I think maybe it did – We had some sherry + some bourbon there + all sorts of little snacks. Left and called June. Went to her apartment to take her out to dinner + had several drinks there We went to Rudy’s for dinner. Nice place + good food. Joined later by Ida Mazzanti and a girl named Anita. We bowed out around 8:30 or nine. Stopped + bought some coffee + an old fashioned in a bottle + went back to the room. Lights out by 9:30 – As Dick said – It was more relaxing being with Sue than with June.