Up at 7. Had bacon + coffee + eggs sent to room. Decided to let Dick sleep + went out to Calabassis myself. George growing a beard. Good haircut + good to see him. They’ve bought a new house + I told him we could help him through the furniture mart. Back at the hotel by 11 or so. Read for a bit Dick shaved + dressed + off we went to see Sheldon Andelson. I had on my see-thru blouse + he was flatteringly rattled. I’ve been wearing it so much I hadn’t given it a thought. Funny. He thinks we should have a deal next week. he mentioned the possibility of a Black having a harder time with a loan + I said – if only he could have had the courtesy to give me a couple of weeks warning. (Sheldon said he thought Jim was fairly hostile) none of this would have happened. Stopped to see Tony Melia who was not in. Went over to the Egg + the Eye for lunch Dick didn’t like his omelet but the wine helped + he did like the place. We went to the La Brea tar pits and over to the county museum. Stayed until after five + then back to the hotel for a nap. Went to Leon’s, found he’d set 4 places + we called Scott. Baby Roast beef + Spinach for dinner and alot of drinks. I made a list of the things I must do next week – write Dean Coffin, Virginia etc. Leon so grateful for the money + has so many possibilities – if only 2 or 3 would come through, he’ll be in the clear. As we left I said to Dick I’d like to go to San Diego + see Sue. He said tomorrow. Went back to the hotel. Leon called + we said we were fine + then we packed up, checked out + drove to San Diego.