Hungover – naturally – but Dick’s promise reiterated – Man from Clark County Electric came + put new soap assembly in the dishwasher but seemed to think it was a combination of hard water + insufficient pressure causing the spotting. I went over to the International + played 21 for a couple of hours + won $20.00. Not really worth it but had planned to play the slot machine + would have lost $50 so I guess I was way ahead. Picked up the plane tickets + came home. No sign of Dick About 4 I called the office. Shirley said he’d left. At 4:30 She called to say he’d been in again + was now on his way home I did what packing I could. At 4:50 Dick came home – drunk + spent the next 5 minutes in the garage John. I was really angry + told him so. After all the fuss he’s been making about getting away. I think what he really needs is to get away from himself but he can’t. We got to the airport + on the plane with only a few minutes to spare. Dick slept through the drink period + I let him. Got the car + the baggage, stopped + picked up some booze for Timmy and drove straight in to his place. He’d fixed his baked chicken + God it was good Looked over “Button’s” last letter to him written 2 months ago + I felt it would be just as well if he didn’t go see her after all. She sounds pretty mixed up + no one is more vulnerable than Timmy. He might be able to get a beach house instead + that would be heavenly. We had a nice evening despite the stormy prologue + checked in to the Roosevelt about 10:15 –