Called Leon. Spoke with Alice who was off to La Jolla today. Shirley called several times. I went over to Breakfast at the Blvd. The boa still not found altho now the pet shop owner is trying to say somebody stole it. I went + bought a birthday card for Cotton – two weeks late. Went to Wonder World + played the slot machine very briefly. Came back + got Ana + took her + Jeffrey to the Charleston Plaza. Left them + went to the Juvenile Complex. Was joined later by Norma Laub. Don’t really know what we got accomplished but I volunteered to help Lucy Foley next Tuesday. We got Dan Sparkman to help out [crossed out letters] on Saturday and interviewed a new man named Albert Gonzales + he’s going on the next nature walk at Child Haven – Was there til about 3:30. Came back + got Ana who’d done the shopping + took her home. Had a letter from Izzy with a check for $200.00. Which couldn’t have come at a better time – as always, God bless her. Called Clark county electric + was too late Dick home crocked + I was really angry. I’ve had it + I told him so. After dinner he went in + took a shower + came back remarkably (if deceptively) refreshed + Armando went out for another pint We talked some of all this over + Dick said he was coming home tomorrow at three + promised no drinks tomorrow til the plane. We called Izzy to thank her.