Wind – wind – wind

Slept til almost nine – up, bathed, washed hair. Ana put the pies in the car – couldn’t find my name tag but left without – the luncheon disorganized but I guess a success despite jamming up, running out of food, defective sound system etc. The raffle disorganized too but great for my team. Ann Hall won, Elaine, won the Floater Loafer, Shirley had 3 winning tickets + shared with Mary Kay + Pat Garrett Saw Helen Chuvris there – We played bridge for about an hour – not more Mary Kay + I won. I stole back one of my pies + gave it to Shirley. They all left about three and I stayed on to help clean up. Was really a little beat by the time I left at 4:30. Got home to find Sheldon had called so I called back + spoke with his brother Arlan. His advice was to wait. He seemed to think that Jim Brown had been trying for the loan etc. etc. Some chance of it going through on Monday. Made an appt to see them on Saturday at 12:45. Also made appt with Geo. Spicer for 9:30 Sat and made reservation with Dazey for tomorrow night. Called Mary + Les to say there was still no word. Dinner date tomorrow Friday night with Timmy + [crossed out letters] Sat. with Leon. made reservations through Scott at the Roosevelt. [crossed out words]